Hezekiah Babatunde

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Email: hbabatunde “at” wisc “dot” edu

B.Sc., Mathematical Sciences, FUNAAB, Nigeria; http://funaab.edu.ng
M.Sc., Computer Science, FUNAAB, Nigeria; http://funaab.edu.ng ; Image Processing (Edge Detection)
M.Sc., Mathematics, UI, Ibadan, Nigeria;http://pgschool.ui.edu.ng/Home.aspx :On Numerical Simulation of Stochastic Differential Equation with Boundary Values
Ph.D., Computer Science, ECU, Australia; http://ecu.edu.au : A Neuro-Genetic Hybrid Approach To Automatic Identification of Plant Species

Research Focus: Hezekiah Babatunde is working on quantitative modeling and analysis of chemical and biological systems generally, and specifically as a starting point, looking at development of mathematical methods for advancement of mechanistic and system-level understanding of virus and host processes during virus infections using established and culture systems, mathematical modeling and quantitative imaging of infection spread.

About Me: Hezekiah Babatunde was born and raised in Nigeria into a Christian family of Apostolic background. He is happily married to Esther Babatunde and blessed with four boys: Daniel (6 years), David (4 years), Joseph (4 years) and Enoch (4 months). He loves children and football. He’s not an accomplished pianist yet but loves to play piano for home worship and leisure. He loves to encourage youth for capacity and character development.