Each group member has a focus that contributes an integral piece to the larger group projects.

Jagadeeswaran Deventhiran: Respiratory viral infections and systems biology.

Izabela Sibilska:

Huicheng Shi: Virus-host interaction in the presence of defective interfering particles.

Xuanqi Chen: Prebiotic environment simulation and peptide formation study 

Bethany Korom: Quantifying the heterogeneity of viral gene expression during infection at the single-cell level .

Jake Redovich:

Bradley Schwab: Replication kinetics of Zika virus 

Wai-Tong (Louis) Fan: Stochastic modeling and analysis for complex biological systems such as virus and cancer dynamics.

Matthew Starr: Building things that help others do their work faster. 

Jennifer Heinritz: Lab Manager